Introducing the Design Council

Authored by Sarah Bell

We would like to ensure the findings from the Sensing Nature project reach a wide audience of professionals that can influence the design of public spaces.

To help achieve that we’re excited to be working closely with the Design Council - a charity that uses design to address major societal challenges and the UK Government’s leading adviser on strategic design.

In recent years, the Design Council has partnered with a range of organisations to launch an ‘Inclusive Environments Hub’; an online resource bringing together a wealth of inclusive design guidance for built environment professionals in and around the UK, including planners, designers, landscape architects, surveyors and facilities managers.  

You can watch a brief video introducing the aims and scope of the Hub below.

We will be working with Rachel Toms at the Design Council over the next two years to produce and refine an inclusive design briefing and podcast, together with a range of Continuing Professional Development materials that will be freely available to download via the Hub.

These materials will promote and inform the design and management of nature settings that support more inclusive, multisensory nature experiences for urban communities, regardless of a person’s visual capabilities.

Rachel leads on health and inclusion at the Design Council, helping planners to design successful buildings and public spaces. In addition to her involvement in the Sensing Nature project, Rachel co-ordinates the Design Council’s ‘Creating Healthy Places’ project, which aims to uncover what stops built environment professionals from creating healthier places through the projects, programmes and policies they are involved in delivering. 

We’re really looking forward to working with Rachel and the Design Council during the project. All updates about this work will be posted on these news pages through the course of this year - so keep checking back regularly to find out more.