Messy and Muddy

The RNIB has recently launched a new guide designed to help children get “Messy and Muddy”.

In recent years, there have been growing calls for children to ‘re-wild’ and ‘re-connect’ with nature, often in the name of health and wellbeing.

Although Sensing Nature has focused on the experiences of adults with sight impairment, many of the stories shared by participants have emphasised the importance of childhood nature encounters.

Produced with the support of a Qualified Habilitation Specialist, Messy and Muddy offers a range of ideas for making the most of outdoor play with children in their early years. Starting with the garden at home, the guide signposts activities from gardening, picnicking and mud finger painting, to making windspinners, bug hotels and sand pits.

Venturing further afield, it highlights opportunities to meet new people at the local park, engaging in sand and water play at the beach, and linking up with more specialist activity providers.

The new ‘Activity Finder’ service by British Blind Sport will hopefully broaden such opportunities, offering an accessible search tool to find out information about local, inclusive opportunities to get involved and get active across the whole of the UK.

Any clubs wishing to sign up can do so online.