Sense Adventures

Authored by Sarah Bell

Throughout the Sensing Nature study, many participants have highlighted the pleasures and importance of being able to move - both freely and safely - through different types of nature, from local parks to more expansive areas of coast and countryside.
With this in mind, a new initiative called ‘Sense Adventures’ is aiming to help people with sight impairment make the most of the countryside and experience walking in and around the Malvern Hills.

All walkers will be guided on a one-to-one basis, with walk leaders who have a rich knowledge of the paths and routes across the Hills, as well as the varied nature and points of interest unfolding along the way.
Dee Jones has created Sense Adventures to provide the experiences that she had been looking for herself but could not find. Dee has lived in the Malvern Hills for over 30 years and was diagnosed with Rod and Cone Dystrophy thirteen years ago, with her sight continually changing since.
Dee attended The Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford and found it a life changing experience. She was always inspired by role models of blind people doing both normal and extraordinary things but did not understand how they were able to do those things.  The college and the students that she met showed her how, and it is an ongoing learning process.  
Dee trained as a Massage Therapist at the college and has a successful business working from home offering a range of therapies. She is also organising spa weekends, and yoga and relaxation days as part of Sense Adventures.
If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please visit the Sense Adventures website or contact Dee by email at or telephone on 01684 540920 and 07920144614.